Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New years resolutions?

Well it is that time a year where gyms are packed, health stores are sold out, and people vow for life altering changes...so I thought I'd share my resolutions with you! Now I don't have any fitness or eating goals because those are oddly my strongest points but I have plenty of behavior goals. I'm not sharing this as a declaration of my commitment to any of them because we all know how well new years goals stick but I am more so sharing them as ideas or food for thought for others....

1. Get my finances in check! While I don't think getting out of debt is a reasonable goal without the resource of endless money...I do think being mindful of my debt, aware of my accounts and making valid efforts to pay off debts and start saving is achievable. I'd also like to increase my money knowledge...e.g. Know where the hell my money is being invested and how much my 401k is taking out! Hehe

2. Stop using my phone while driving...notice I'm not just saying texting...I'm talking no Facebook or email while driving. Facebook or email while driving, you ask?! Crazy, right? Well apparently I can't go a red light without checking Facebook now out of boredom...so sad!

3. Listen to my body :) I've noticed over the years that my stomach is quite sensitive to pretty much everything, and being a tad of a health nut, I tend to ignore the fact that lots of fiber, sugar free anything, and vegetables hurt my stomach and continue eating them. BUT, my friends, that shall stop today! While eating healthy means a lot to me, I don't think that the pros outweigh the cons for this one. Eating a meal and then sitting their in pain and (sorry for the TMI but...) holding in my poor little gas, is not fun in the least. So...I am going to try and be more aware of what I eat and how it affects me...and how walking and H2O can help mediate the issues, as well. (** however, if I gain like 20 lbs, this resolution goes out the window, haha)

4. Calm down!(probably the most important of the bunch) I've noticed that in being a people pleaser and trying to roll with the punches, I think I keep in a lot of things that bother me...and then (when the timing is usually wrong) I (in some passive aggressive form) go off the deep end on someone for something kind of unimportant. So I believe what my goal is is to find balance (as a wise woman once suggested!). I need to find a balance between expressing my discontent, and letting things roll off my back (choosing my battles). I think that my general intensity plays a large part in this as well...I usually become quickly excited about events, new products, new trends, basically anything people suggest haha...and I think that that intensity and excitement leads me to expect the same intensity from others, which can ultimately lead to disappointment (irrationally). So...I always like to tell myself that acknowledging my "issues" are the first/most important step...which is true, but I can't allow myself to stop there. I know this is an issue, and most importantly, an issue that will affect my relationships with the people I care about most. So hopefully...with a little time and self awareness, I will be able to calm down, find a good balance, be happy, have rationale discussions, and build stronger relationships :)

5. NOT discussing any important things via email or text!!! So many things are misconstrued...I become an angry, vocal person that I don't want to be. And bottom line is, if I can't say whatever I am typing to your face, then I shouldn't be saying it at all! :)

Now, I know this blog is supposed to be the journey of a sober girl...and it is..and it always will be. But I do think it is quite interesting that a year after my decision to retire from the sport, I can still find ways to better myself and (most importantly) am still very happy with where my life is headed. I think it just shows that people are always growing and improving and changing, and as a friend, significant other, or relative, the best you can do is support and love them.


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