Friday, January 14, 2011

Mommy, I made a new friend today!

I don't think that it's just me (or at least I hope not)...because I think other people get enjoyment out of this...but I was just sitting here thinking about how interesting it is that we (as adults...yup, we are "adults") still get thrilled when we make a new friend. Last night I went out with a variety of new and old friends and friends brought friends, and we ended up with a large group. Now in the beginning everyone does the analysis and determines (based on whatever) if they like these "new people". So I'll say I was people seemed nice...I like my friends..I trust their judgment, people must be somewhat cool! Then over the course of the evening (and a few drinks for the new friends) conversations flowed and laughs were shared. Then (after even more drinks) the new friends started sharing their excitement about the newly made friendship and their appreciation for how nice we (as a group) were. The whole thing is quite interesting...even if you may never speak to them again, and all the future plans you made will never turn into anything, in that moment, you and your new BFF' relationship is one of the most exciting things to happen to you. This makes more sense (I guess) if you are new to the area because then you are hoping to make new friends and build a good network of cool people to hang out with...but, even if you have been in the same place for years, have a core group of best friends, and enjoy what you do with them, making more new fun friends is still super exciting.

It's so interesting. Maybe it is that you have found another person in the world that enjoys your company and this boosts your self esteem (and therefore you are drawn to see them more to continue boosting it). Maybe its because new friends mean new things to do and everyone loves change. Maybe its because you have certain hobbies that not all of your friends share, and when you find someone that loves a hobby like you do, you latch on to them! Maybe its because connecting with another individual is an upper, and who doesn't love uppers?

Whatever it is...for the past twenty six years I have been making new friends (and keeping the old-- one is silver and the others gold, circles round, it has no end, that's how long you'll be my friend...YEA GIRL SCOUTS..hahah)....and it is still fun and exciting...and I'd like to believe helps shape me into being a more well rounded, diverse, interesting, cultured, silly, and fun girl :)

Go make a new friend!!

PS- While I do think that drinking helps the "friendly" situation and does push people to become maybe more excited than the normally would, or make plans that really mean nothing....since I am sober and was/am still excited to make friends, I don't think that it is all alcohol. I think drinking moves the process along faster...and can sometimes ease the awkward tension. But the perk of being the only sober girl is that I can sip on my water and let everyone else give the drunk love...and just smile and take it in :) Cheers to new friends.

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