Friday, September 10, 2010

Slow down

(that's actually my ringtone...the Wyclef song :)) thing I really love about this job is the pace. In so many organizations they make it seem like EVERYTHING is urgent and I would argue that 99% of the time that is false (depending on the industry). For my field, the only time that something would really be urgent is if you were bidding for money and had a deadline, BUT most of the time you can get an extension anyways. I really appreciate that there are tasks, everyone has a to-do list, but none of the items need to be done in rapid fire or we will all die. It is actually kind of a hard adjustment to get used to, but I think I am adapting quite well.

I don't want to repeat everything that the comedian I heard said because then I am just being a copy cat. But, a comedian I saw earlier this week talked about how ridiculously negative Americans are. And it is so incredibly true. I have actually noticed myself doing it and I am going to try and work on that. It seems second nature to give a negative response when someone asks you a question, it almost seems like you are being cocky and arrogant if you say your life is going well. For instance, someone asks you how your day was or how the metro ride was to work. Naturally something probably wasn't perfect, but was it the worst thing ever? No. BUT we are trained to respond with something mildly negative..."eh it was okay, it was miserable as usual". I am going to try and start saying how lovely it was...wouldn't you be pleasantly surprised if you asked someone how their metro ride was during rush hour this morning and they said "great, I finished this wonderful book and listened to some of my favorite music". And if this new wave of positive responses carried over, then think of how much happier everyone would be! (and happier conversations for that matter). It seems like everything is hard (this coming from the girl that says "Life is hard" on a regular basis...but that's okay because I am cute, right?), and no matter how much you luck out on something, or how great your life is compared to someone elses, there is ALWAYS something to bitch about. Example, Question: How was work? Normal response: Ah it was really hard, boss was a dick, but whatever its almost Friday. Happy response: It was great, I got a lot done and I am just so happy to have a job given the economy.

Note the change. Embrace the change. Slow down and enjoy the little things: sunrise, sunset, blue skies, strangers walking around, good breakfast, warm hug, smile from a friend, good music...its quite easy. Life is never really that bad, promise. Be happy.


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