Monday, August 23, 2010

Dating Without Liquid Courage

So I have had some dating/hooking up experiences sober, and I am happy to say all went well! I really think that this entire process has made me more confident and, I believe, down to earth. I know it may seem odd to be perplexed or nervous at the thought of dating sober, but think about it. When is the last time (post age of 21) that you have gone on a date and not ordered a drink? Hell, half of dates ARE going out for drinks. And personally, I would have a drink while getting ready FOR the date. And I think I sort of trained myself that that is the way it was supposed to be. That I had to have a drink or the date would be awful and awkward and I wouldn't say anything. Or that not drinking on a date was stupid and childish. (yes, all of these thoughts are ridiculous...but nonetheless..) I won't go into detail about the dates, in case one of these lovely men happen to read this blog and view my big mouth as a turn off :). But I will state a couple things. One...I feel like the waiter feels more confused then my date and I. I think ordering a drink at a nice restaurant is pretty much standard, unless you are preggers. So I think my paranoia with the opinion of the waiters is something I need to gain some confidence on. Second, the guys must be happy that I am saving them at least $10, and that's if I only got one drink. And third, it is so easy to blame things on alcohol (like I have said over and over), and if a date goes bad because you were too drunk, OR it goes really well, but you were drunk so who knows if he likes the real you...the luxury of not drinking is that you don't have those doubts. You are just you. And I think for me, and always having this idea that people liked me more drunk- and that idea being reinforced by past boyfriends- this experience has been huge. Also, I thought it was incredibly sweet when a guy ordered a soda. I honestly would not mind if the guy was drinking when I wasn't, but I think it is very thoughtful and mature to pass on the drink, at least one time :)

And as I said before, I was very concerned that the whole not drinking would be a turn off or weird guys out...but thus far, I have proved myself wrong and have found nice guys that could care less. So...yet another milestone in this wonderful, interesting, life changing journey. Another drinking myth/assumption debunked and ANOTHER positive found :)

I will however try to do something more interesting for my next blog, so you guys can have a funny story instead of me rambling about happiness and the meaning of life...haha.


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