Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blue's Clues

The title is kind of irrelevant to the subject of this blog but I just thought it sounded cute. (actually that title has inspired me to make a list of my recommendations/advice on life and I will title it "Blue's Clues"...oh how cute!) So I have two topics I'd like to discuss that I could break into two blogs, but I won't cause I am crazy like that. First of which being evolution and obesity, and second of which being alcohol and my health. Not exactly funny topics but hopefully mildly insightful!

So I am reading a book about evolution and I got to the section describing the "Survival of the Fittest" idea...that over time those that have the strongest cells and are most healthy, live on and reproduce, thus passing their healthy, strong genes along and continuing the creation of fit beings. Those that are unhealthy are weeded out and die, and are unable to fight for survival. Now...which one do you want to be?? If you think about it, at this point in time we are the fittest of the fittest...our ancestors have struggled through life, fighting off diseases and growing over time mentally and physically to create the society that we have now...made up the fittest of the fittest with the knowledge to survive. HOWEVER, we knowingly hurt our bodies. We knowingly take advantage of this body that has been given to us and abuse it by eating poorly, not exercising and smoking. If you really think about it, it makes no sense. People have struggled to survive...have searched for food, have longed for cures for diseases...and here we are sitting pretty, and eating our daily McDonalds and smoking our pack of Marlboro Lights knowing that what we do can and will end our life. Why has the mind shift changed? Why are people more focused to "survive" based on money and lifestyle and "things" as opposed to "surviving" based on actually surviving each day by being alive. Another example is drug addicts...they are given a body...and body that can survive, and they abuse it and become addicted to drugs, and become pregnant and give birth to a baby that is addict to drugs and eventually dies...portions of are society are no longer surviving as the fittest...they are dying off as the weakest. Please don't go down that route. Take care of your body because you only have one, and when you leave the world, wouldn't you rather leave behind a strong family that is healthy and will continue to live a long happy life when you are 100, rather than leaving behind a mansion or some nice cars at the ripe age of 50?

Now on to my second point...hopefully by now you are just enthralled with my intelligence and philosophies on life and cannot wait to here what other insightful things I have to say. Or you are taking a dump and need some light reading to pass the time...either way...thanks for joining me today.

Okay, so since quitting drinking I have noticed that my stomach has basically become sensitive to everything, literally everything. Now I do not think that all of these illnesses have been hiding for years and/or that alcohol has been the protecting factor for lactose I do think that (much like with personalities) alcohol has altered the reality of my body. I used to drink White Russians all the time, and I am guessing that they always hurt my stomach but I assumed I was just drunk or had a bad drink or was too drunk to care. And unfortunately I think that replacing alcohol with diet coke at the bars has made me super sensitive to the overload of fake sugar, and now that is hurting my a good lesson to live by is EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. But anyways...I just think that it is interesting that when I quit drinking all of these things about the real ME came to surface...physically, emotionally, mentally, and ever other -ally. Just food for thought :)

Hope some of this was mildly entertaining....or it helped you get through a boring work day or painful poop.


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  1. I am really fascinated by the idea of Survival of the Fittest. I was always a huge believer in it until I became super sick and debilitated and would not have survived back in primal times. (But, now that I am healthy again, I like it again ;))

    Also, I really liked your point about the evolution to get our bodies as resilient as possible, only to now completely disregard the struggle to get here...

    Nice insights, Blue :)