Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Start Anew with the Sunrise

A reflection created while on my morning run watching the gorgeous pink and orange sunrise over the trees… (which inspired a kickass 8 mile run!)

Two of my favorite things in the world are sunrises and sunsets. Mainly because they are gorgeous and peaceful and natural and calming…but also because they represent the close of one day and the start of a fresh, new day. And recognizing that each day ends and a brand new day begins is something I am trying to do more often. You see, I tend to dwell (I am sure you are thinking “duh!”) on things that are really unimportant and trivial in the grand scheme of life but I am constantly paranoid that a stupid comment I made two days ago is still bothering someone in my life and they are still annoyed with me for it. Enter the sunset/sunrise concept…

I am working on letting go of the small things. In life, your relationships with others are built on numerous events, countless emotional connections, years of laughs and tears, good times, bad times, awkward times, and everything in between. Bottom line, me whining about something on a random Sunday night is not going to completely destroy a relationship built on numerous positive interactions! So why sweat the small stuff? The day when I was crabby and feisty has ended (with the sunset) and a fresh day will begin (with the sunrise) that will present me with the opportunity to start anew, with a happy and healthy outlook.

I hope that you can use this concept in your life as well. Maybe today is rough, maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe nothing seems to be going right, and maybe you are just too tired…but guess what! Tomorrow is a new day. The sun will set and close the book on today…and the sun will rise and open your book to a new page and maybe even a new chapter in your life tomorrow. How better to “fix” (what you see as) your wrong doings than to start a fresh day with a positive outlook and happy, healthy interactions? I promise you this will make a larger impact then saying “I am sorry” 500 times :)

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