Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just do it.

First of all (and most importantly)...GO OUTSIDE. My lordy it is GORGEOUS out today! Drop what you are doing...and go for a walk, open a window, take the dog out, do whatever you need to do to GET OUTSIDE. And then...just enjoy :)

On a random aside...I thought about turning my blog into a healthy living one like all these others with exercise and eating tips...then I reflected on what I had for dinner last night (spoonfulls of peanut butter) and decided it wasn't in anyones best interest to take food advice from me ;)

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program... JUST DO IT.

I love that our (my, if you are older) generation is rash, impulsive, and craves more! This causes us to change our "life decisions" constantly, move across the country (or world!) and DO what makes us HAPPY. Our parent's generation picked a career path when they were in college (or high school) and stuck with that for 20+ years and who knows if they ever really enjoyed it or just accepted that that was their life. We, on the other hand, feel that we have no limitations, no restraints, no guidelines, and are constantly testing the water in different careers and locations. I think this is wonderful! I believe it is a blessing that we are so free spirited and passionate and maybe a curse that we are always seeking more. But advice for you is to JUST DO IT. Always be assessing your life...always be thinking about what would make YOU happy...and then figure out how you can feasibly achieve that. Don't quit your job and move to sunny California because you like the beach...but if your dream job is in California and you have a friend who lives out there that you can live with...DO IT. Life is too short to have regrets :)

PS- this blog is stemming from my brother venturing to Singapore for the fulbright scholarship in research, another friend venturing out for grad school, and another friend quitting her unhappy job to work at starbucks until she figures something out.

Do what makes you happy...because at the end of the day, you are the only one looking out for you.



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