Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Counting calories, running miles, lifting weights....oh my!!

Trying to be healthy can be daunting. And even more so because of the mixed signals we get from the media every single day...mainly because they have realized the HUGE market for weight loss anything and have become complete masters at playing off of that. Now mind you I am not a dietitian nor a certified personal trainer (although in a former life I was a certified group exercise instructor..), but I have been around the block and back and have started to narrow down some standard "golden rules" to live by when it comes to living healthy.

First and foremost...losing weight (if that is your goal) is simply calories burned exceeding calories consumed. Simple as that. Yes there are certain foods that are better for you, better for your heart, better for your endurance, contain less trans fat, contain more whole grains...BUT, if you are simply trying to lose weight (and this is why weight watchers works), you just need to do the math. So maybe try counting the calories of your most common dishes and snacks for one day or a may be surprised at how much or how little you are actually taking in. And remember, cutting calories too much will just cause you to gain weight because your body will start storing the fat to keep you alive.

Second...lift weights!! Exercise is KEY in all aspects of health in your life (mental, physical and probably social). Many people will pack on the cardio workouts (running, elliptical) and do 1,000 crunches and wonder why they aren't seeing the results they wanted. It's because you have to lift weights. You have to start building the muscle to burn off the fat...and I promise that you won't turn into a guido gorilla juice head.

Third...think about it, but not too much :) Becoming consumed with counting calories and how many ounces of protein and carbs you had that day, combined with how many miles you ran is really no way to live your life (trust me, I battle with it most days). But just be self aware. Eat in when you are hungry...don't grab the container of ice cream cause you are bored...go for a walk if it is nice out...and enjoy life. If you live healthy and think healthy, everything should fall into place.

Lastly...push yourself. I guarantee you are stronger than you think you are. If you run for 20 minutes and feel good, push yourself for another 5. If you are tired in the morning and would rather sleep in, drag your bum out of bed and push yourself at the gym. I promise you will be surprised with what your body can handle...and I promise you will feel accomplished afterward. Make yourself sweat and push yourself to exhaustion...your body can do it, you just need your mind to jump on board.

Good luck :)

You're beautiful.



  1. Great information and well written. I'm getting some long sweats today so I can wear my compression socks without looking like an idiot. I work tonight but it's in the gym tomorrow. Thanks for the frequent reminders, as if looking in the mirror isn't enough!