Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kate Gosselin Sucks at Life

So this is totally unrelated to my life but I needed to preach to someone about how much of an AWFUL person Kate Gosselin is. I watched her bullshit interview on the Today show and then just read this article:

I am speechless. I cannot believe that she is trying to claim that she has "no other option" then to take on a reality show and be on Dancing With the Stars in order to provide for her children. Okay, I feel like I heard they lost a lot of money but still, I am sure she has MORE than enough money from her first damn reality show and I am sure her kids get plenty of free shit all the time. And I feel like that is giant slap in the face to mothers of large families. Like, okay Ladies...the only way you can provide for those kids to the level that I do, is to become super famous and be on TV ALL THE TIME, and write a book about your life because it is SO INTERESTING. Because clearly the best way to raise children is to make their entire life revolve around YOU. Look Kate, I am so sorry that you missed out on your 20's when life IS supposed to revolve around you and you can spend all your income on you and you can work to make the world love you...BUT you decided to have a truck load of kids...that equals you lost time for you.

I don't know if anyone else saw her on the Today show but honestly she had this pathetic sad look on her face and in desperation was like "its my only option" to be on all these shows for my kids. I am sorry but the only person thats buying your self righteous bullshit is OctoMom.

THEN she tried to compare nursing to traveling across the nation to be on a TV show. Okay so working 12 hour shifts in the same city as your children and still being able to see them on a daily basis, is the same as leaving them to fly across the US to dance with other Z list celebrities? WOW.

John needs the kids. Yes maybe he was screwing around with some trampy 20 year olds, BUT if he's getting laid he's probably happier and the kids can benefit from that. Ew I can just picture what a morning at the Gosselins house of Queen Kate is like! The kids wake up and want Mommy to help them brush their teeth and she is like NO kids, Mommy needs her beauty sleep because she is going to be on TV and if Mommy isn't on TV than you guys will have no food on the table and then Mommy needs to put on four lbs of make up and fix my hair extensions, now go ask Nanny to help you get ready and handle your entire life...actually I need Nanny too, how about you raise each other? It will help you grow...I am just trying to teach you life lessons...

Ohhhh Kate. Kids are screwed up enough as is...your poor poor children.

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