Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May...Changing Seasons and Changing Lives

May is full of changing seasons, varying weather, the bloom of flowers, and longer days full of sun. I don't think it isn't by coincidence that May is also full of graduations, weddings, and birthdays. During this time many people are growing, changing, taking leaps forward in their lives, and reflecting on the past.

What did you reflect on this month? How have you grown? In what ways have you bloomed?

Without getting into too much depth of the personal lives of my friends and family...in May I celebrated a birthday with my fabulous roommate who is growing and changing every day as she continues to better herself and figure out the craziness of the 20 somethings, I attended the wedding of new friends who are the perfect example of true love, and I watched as my brother graduated from Johns Hopkins University and looks to plan his trip in Singapore in the fall as a Fulbright Scholar. All of these events and changes mark significant moments in their lives and demonstrate the positive aspects of growing, changing, reflecting, and making life altering decisions.

Check out pictures from all of these events here.

May also marks the year and a half anniversary of my sobriety :) This month challenged me with moments of doubt in being sober, but ultimately proved that I am still strong and still stand by my choice. During this month I have also reflected a lot on my eating issues and realized a new struggle that I have. I realized I have a very hard time complimenting myself...even via email or text (not face-to-face with someone else). I am sure that this is an issue for many individuals who do not want to come off as cocky or who have been beat down in the past and made to believe less of themselves. And I am sure that through years of saying publicly that I am not pretty and stating all of my faults (as to not seem cocky) has internalized itself. But the moment that I finally typed the words "I am skinny, I am healthy, I am beautiful, and I do like my body for the most part", something changed. When I said those words and no one seemed to think I was ridiculous for thinking such a thing, or cocky to say it out loud, I realized that it is okay to love yourself...and it is okay to publicly love yourself. And I'd guess that by finally saying those things publicly, others will believe it to. Confidence is beautiful (being arrogant is not...)..and I think that this is a good step towards being the confident woman that I know I can be.

So, May, you have come and gone and left with us growth, change, reflection, and longer days of life...thank you :)

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