Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finding a sense of no time, no space

I truly do love attending the Native conferences for work. While they can be so upsetting and depressing because of the awful health issues that face our population, they are also so holistic and inspiring. Anyways...here is what I learned today...

A wise speaker discussed the importance of native healing...healing through laughter, story telling, rituals and trance. All of these things resonanted with me...but the one that stuck out the most was the importance of being in the moment. It has become a way of life in Western society to become overwhelmed, to multi-task, and to be thinking of your next move while you are still making your first. Yes, this leads to an abundance of productivity and success...but it also leads to a lack of deep relationships and strong mental well-being. One of the things I want to work on most for myself (at this time) is being in the moment and appreciating what I have now. I am constantly thinking of my next move and assessing the future and I really take the present for granted.

Another notion that really struck me was to focus on finding the strengths in others instead of viewing those strengths as a threat. I think that as a woman, a professional, and, well, just human, we are always comparing ourselves to others and mainly focusing on another's weaknesses or wishing we had their strengths. But where does that get you? Instead you should focus on the strengths of others and see how their strengths can benefit you...maybe in your job you can collaborate, maybe in your life they can be a resource that you need or a friend you wish you had, maybe they can bring out something in you that you didn't know existed. This positive mentally can only lead to good things :)

And lastly...he talked about secrets. Natives are very secretive in the issues that plague their society, BUT they are very talkative in other aspects and utilize story telling all of them. I love this. I am a huge talker and love to tell my story, and love even more to listen to others. I try to be a very active listener and I wish the same from my friends. I think that opening up to others and sharing your story (negative or positive) is so healthy. Not just communicating...but truly sharing and listening.

So take time to find a moment of no time, no space. Be with yourself...think about your wants and needs and reflect. Appreciate the present and take the time to appreciate it. Take the time to listen. Ignore what you have to do tomorrow and share a story with a friend. You've worked this hard to be who you are, enjoy it.

PS- The background picture of this blog is my heaven. (I took it from blogspot by the way!) Someday I will live on the water and I will wake up and run along the shore and do yoga while the peaceful waves crash around me. Ahhhhh...

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