Friday, June 3, 2011

Just Be.

I have been at my job now for 11 months…and every day I walk past the UPS drop box..every single day I walk the same way into the building and pass this box…when do you think I noticed it? Yesterday! And only because I needed to use it. I actually searched online for UPS drop boxes and was slightly embarrassed when the location of my work popped up! Now why haven’t I noticed it, you might ask? Because I am always preoccupied! When I walk into work I am either emailing, texting, checking Facebook, or checking Words with Friends. I am never just walking into work and just taking in the moment and my surroundings…

SO! Here is my challenge for you this weekend…LIVE IN THE MOMENT….take in your surroundings, be mindful of the people around you and the places you go. Put down the phone. Turn off the TV. Go for a walk and just look and think and breathe and BE. I bet you will notice things you never saw before and maybe appreciate things you didn’t notice :)

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