Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looking Good Makes You Feel Good...or is it the other way around??

I have always heard that looking good will make you feel good...and I am sure that this statement holds some truth. I do believe that when you dress us nicely at work you are more likely to do more work (as opposed to working on your couch in sweats...which I love so much). I do think that walking into a party in an outfit that you love with a new hair style will increase your confidence for the night. But...can feeling good make you look good??

I think YES! In the past week I have felt amazing (sorry...being humble has left this blog)...I had a great race on Sunday and felt super strong...I've been eating well...sleeping well...socializing...and over all being happy. And this morning when I looked in the mirror, after a solid boxing workout, I felt beautiful. I think that being happy in your life can make you perceive yourself as being more attractive...or maybe being happy and making good decisions leaves you with a sense of confidence and accomplishment and that sense of confidence is what you see. But one thing is for sure...either way you look at it...your appearance (wheather it be judged by you or by others) is very affected by your happiness. Being upset with yourself can lead you to be apathetic about what you wear, how well you eat, and whether you exercise...which causes a downward spiral into continuing these negative (based on your goals) actions...which makes you more upset...which makes you less likely to be productive...which will make you view yourself in a negative light, but can also cause you to be less attractive because you are noticably "down"...(to a degree). BUT on the reverse!...I smile, a happy and productive attitude leads to accomplishing more goals...leading to MORE positive feelings and a positive view of yourself, which (no doubt) radiates and is recognized by others.

So whats the bottom line? Focus on being happy and the rest will fall into place :)


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