Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It was never supposed to be easy! :)

I was told when I quit drinking not to publicize that decision because if I slipped up then my “failure” would be public...but I did it anyways. I think for two reasons...one being that I was very serious about the decision and the second being that making that declaration in the eyes of everyone else would hold me more accountable to my actions. The second point is a pretty common behavior change concept and they have found that by writing down your goals and telling these goals to other people in your life, you will be more likely to adhere to them. With all that being said…I have a few more goals to put out there!

I think that life is always going to be a work in progress and making goals is important to growth, maturity, and success. If you are planning to make goals, here are some KEY pointers:
- Make them attainable!! You can’t set yourself up for failure from the start
- Make them measurable!! How will you know if you’ve achieved them if they are lofty?
- Make them realistic!! You can’t lose 20 lbs in one week…

I am currently reading the book “The Happiness Project”, in which the author makes monthly goals to increase her overall happiness. (I highly recommend it for an uplifting and informative read). This book has definitely brought to light some (obvious) changes that I would like to strive for in my life as well…like not to gossip, to make new friends, to smile more…and the list goes on and on. But I also have some more specific goals that I would like to achieve by the end of the summer…

1. Prioritize, stay calm, and stay driven. I am going back to school in the fall and will potentially be taking a full load of coursework, working part time in my current position, and working part time on a research project. It will be IMMENSELY important that I am able to prioritize what work needs to get done when, stay focused on the task at hand when I am receiving emails/tasks from my other roles, and stay calm. When most people become overwhelmed, the easiest thing to do is to stop everything…to give up all together. It is important that this summer I work at multitasking and staying calm under pressure.

2. Managing my negative self talk. As always this is a constant battle, but one that I truly wish to nip in the bud. There are good days and there are bad days, as with most people, in terms of how I view myself. Over the summer I hope to continue monitoring the negative self talk and more importantly SQUASHING it! Reversing it! And loving myself everyday…because there is no reason not to.

What are your goals? If you need help coming up with realistic and attainable goals, please let me know :)

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