Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where is alcohol not?

Whole Foods is putting bars in their stores. Can really nothing be done sober anymore? Granted no one is forcing you to buy alcohol if you go into Whole Foods, but why are they even offering it? Yes yes, I understand that the majority of people are thrilled by this idea…but I am not (and it is okay to disagree). For more widespread reasons, I dislike this idea because Whole Foods is most certainly going to take advantage of shoppers after they’ve had a couple of drinks…you shouldn’t go shopping when you are hungry and you DEFINITELY shouldn’t go shopping if you are buzzed/drunk. Whole Foods is expensive enough when you go WITH a list, but I can only imagine the financial damage you’d do just stumbling down the aisles. Second…I dislike this idea because if people are actually going to shopping while they are there and don’t want their food to go bad/get warm…then they are going to drink their drink and immediately hop in their car…unless of course they are going down everyone aisle and spending hundreds of dollars, in which case hopefully their buzz would wear off by time they got to the checkout line. But I think the reason why this bothers me most is why? Whole Foods is a “healthy” store…you go there to get organic healthy items and try to live a healthy lifestyle…why does alcohol need to be served to enhance your experience. And I think why this really bothered me was because I was listening to this announcement on Elliot in the Morning (DC101), who is a gigantic douche bag anyways…but…he was saying how being drunk would make shopping so much more tolerable and yada yada…and personally (as I struggle with rationalizing my decision to stop drinking when it is the societal norm) I think it’s sad that we live in a society that has to medicate any mildly boring/mundane/stressful task. I completely understand that people drink in the evening after work, on the weekends to relax, at dinners/happy hours, at parties and celebrations, and whatever else…but why do we need to drink at grocery stores and hair salons and basically throughout the day?

I am sure most of my wonderful foodie friends are excited about a bar in Whole Foods and please don’t take my rant personally, because I understand and I am sure my mindset would be different if I drank! But, for someone who doesn’t drink…another arena where drinking is prevalent really isn’t what I need.


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