Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Special Blend of 7 and 45

As I have gotten older I have noticed more and more "old" person tendencies (and by old, I apologize, but I mean my parents age). Okay I will edit "old"...I have noticed more and more more mature tendencies usually executed by one over the age of 40...better? Out of nowhere this morning I realized that I have started driving with two hands on the wheel. NEVER (with the exception of my driving test) have I driven with two hands on the wheel...or at the very least the two hands were chillin' at the bottom of the wheel. But not today...my hands were at 9 and 2...weird. I also noticed that I can no longer listen to my music loud and the bass I can hear from other cars (much like the bass from my sweet bazooka tube subwoofer in high school) is ridiculously annoying. My bedtime is about 10pm. I enjoy doing dishes. I like to have my bed made and everything closed (drawers, cabinets, curtains, doors). I am getting old...

BUT...I am also regressing to a child. I have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and drink chocolate milk on a regular basis. I like going to the zoo and learning new things. I like playing board games. And I usually act like a child at least once a day :)

Maybe I am old in habit, young at heart, and somewhere in between in appearance and health haha. I am quite happy with this completely bizzarre blend of age and time, and I am SURE it just adds to my unique behavior :)

Stay young, keep learning and growing, and most importantly, stay healthy! XOXO

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  1. I like doing dishes too and I ALWAYS make my bed in the morning. I love coming back from a long day to a clean and tidy room. Makes me feel a little more relaxed.