Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Path Down the Road Less Traveled..

Happy St. Patrick's Day! The holiday sort of changes form when you don't I am sure you can all understand. The idea of going to kegs and eggs with 21 year olds just isn't AS appealing as it was back in my youth. But still a fun holiday nonetheless. So as I was thinking about St. Patrick's Day and how basically everyone is partaking in some sort of green delicious beer today, I wonder how it would be for me to go out. Then I started thinking about what I missed from celebratory drinking events...mainly...the dancing. To quote Dane Cook, "I just wanna dance". I always enjoyed going to clubs in college and dancing for hours to hip hop and club music, but I feel like that experience would be completely different sober. Most importantly there is "loss of inhibitions" aspect that I would be missing from alcohol so I would probably be super embarrassed and worried that I was dancing weird (whereas if I was drunk, who cares!). So then I wondered if maybe having a dance party at my apartment would be weird...and I decided...yes, yes it would. So who knows what to do now. Maybe I just need to accept that my clubbing days are long past. Or maybe one of these days I'll test my confidence and try dancing at the club sober...I am going to guess that doing it sober will make me realize that it isn't as fun as I remember.

Now back to St. Patty's I had to go to College Park to meet with the faculty of the PhD program to start planning for the fall. Being on that campus brought back quite a lot of memories...and being on that campus on St. Patty's Day brought back even more. It was very weird to go back so many years pursuing a PhD...and now quite older. It is interesting that UMD will be apart of so many "stages" of my life. I will have partied my hardest there AND earned (fingers crossed) my most important degree...I will have made mistakes than I can count AND hopefully made the best decision of my life (thus far)...I will have met new drinking buddies there AND met experts in the field of Public Health. But I guess that is what college is. It is a world in itself and a place for you to figure out who you are and what your purpose is. It is a place to test the waters, make mistakes, take leaps of faith, try new things, fail, learn, grow, and at the end of the day...hopefully be a better person from the experience. (I sound like an advertisement for college..ha).

Anyways...I know this blog was all over the place but so is my life right now...and today with yet another drinking focused holiday and being on UMD's campus but for a whole different reason, I felt the need for some reflection. It's been a long and bumpy road, but I think I have made it :)

Cheers. Now go drink some green beer for me...maybe I'll make myself a green smoothie :)

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