Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Comes to an End...

...but I am thrilled to see what 2011 brings. Happy New Year friends! First and foremost, thank you for following my blogs, supporting me, and laughing with and at me for a whole year. 2010 had its rocky moments, its trying times, lots of tears, more than enough laughs, lots of love, and most importantly...2010 challenged the hell out of me...and from that challenge, I am stronger, wiser, happier and excited for the future. And more than anything, I wish YOU all the best for 2011. I hope that you learned something valuable from 2010, found love, fell out of love, bounced back from love, laughed, gained money, lost money, ate, slept, exercised, traveled, and enjoyed every day....and if you missed one of those, here's to 2011!

Tonight I am celebrating NYE with my boyfriend, his family, and my parents. I can honestly say that I never would have guessed that (in my mid-twenties) I would be inviting my parents to spend NYE with me. Now I love my parents dearly, BUT NYE is usually filled with things that you don't want your parents to witness and you usually hide your hungover face from them all of New Years Day. But, I am SO looking forward to a relaxing but fun NYE party with good food, delicious sparkling cider, and loved ones. I know YOU have to be amazed at this past paragraph, because I sure as shit am! Who would have thunk it? Well...I think I have enough wild NYE adventures filled with bar hoping, champagne, $50 cover charges, Montreal nightlife, and such to last me a lifetime :) Change is good.

Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed my friends reflecting on my drinking days and saying that they loved fun, drunk Erica....and they love fun, sober Erica. And I think a year ago that comment would have bothered me and made me question my decision to quit...thinking that everyone liked drunk Erica and that's who I should be...or it would have made me dislike my friends. But I think that as I have become more confident in my decision and confident in myself as a whole, I actually really appreciate that statement. To me that means that these individuals have seen all different sides of me, and love me...and I have a variety of sides to me for people to love. I think being multidimensional and always keeping people entertained and happy is a that I am proud of. And I appreciate the love I have received from everyone who has enjoyed and been happy with every side of me. I think (and maybe I am one of the last people to join the group but..) everyone has finally come into their own skin....everyone has finally figured out who they are, what they like, what they what to do, and who they want to be friends with...and the relationships that are created between people who feel that way about themselves are based on truth and whole hearted love and appreciation for one an another....and THAT, my friends, is what it is all about. One Love :)

Lastly...for the new year I've decided I am going to post some workouts, as I create them, on my blog for people to use if they wish. The first one is a circuit and only needs some light weights and an exercise ball. If you have any questions on the exercise moves just ask me!!

Circuit: (45 seconds for each exercise)

1. Push-ups
2. Ab Roll (knell behind the exercise ball, place forearms on ball and lean forward...roll body back and forth using abs)
3. Squats
4. Back Extensions on exercise ball
5. Lunges with overhead extensions (w/ weight)
6. Ab Ball Exchange (lay on back with arms and legs extended, crunch to exchange ball from arms to feet)
7. Shoulder press
8. Hamstring curls with exercise ball
9. Burpies
10. Standing rows
11. Leg lifts (lay on back, legs in the air, crunch lower abs to lift hips off the ground)
12. Bridges
13. Jumping lunges
14. Mountain climbers
15. Bicycle sit ups (rotate legs like on a bike while doing sit-ups)
16. Plank

Repeat 3x total


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