Friday, February 26, 2010

Just because I have a headache, doesn't mean the rest of the world needs to take an Advil.

Those are the insightful words of my Uncle, who also dealt with a drinking "issue" (I don't like to use the word problem...seems too negative) And the best advice he gave me (which I know I am struggling with) is to understand that just because I am quitting drinking, doesn't mean everyone else has to. So I just wanted to apologize if anyone felt as though I was preaching to them or looking down on them for drinking. The reason that I talk about the perks so much is that I am really happy on the outcome it has had on my life...but I am still a tad jealous of everyone enjoying their yummy cocktails, so reminding myself of the perks helps me to stay on track. And please feel free to still invite me to drinking events or talk about your crazy nights with me...I won't be upset and I'll probably still come (and just leave when you annoy the shit out of me...kidding, kind of).

When I went home the other weekend my mom told me that during the snow storm all her and my dad did was drink and eat (so obviously no sex, they don't do that...). And she said the kitchen table was covered in liquor bottles. And I thought about how it would be when I am grown with a family. I mean you shouldn't get hammered when you have kids, but I always pictured myself going out with my husband and friends and having a good time. And I know I can still do that but I am just worried of what other people will think or how they will feel around me. Will everyone walk on egg shells? What will I do at my wedding? Everyone else (including my husband) will be hammered...and will do a champagne toast, and I'll have sparkling cider? And I hope that no one ever refers to me as a "recovering alcoholic" or something when random people inquire as to why I am not drinking. I would prefer to just label myself as someone who decided to lay off the booze. I don't know. None of this really bothers me, as far as me still having fun and enjoying myself...but I guess its just that its so ingrained in our culture that I am worried that no one will have fun..I mean I don't think I'd have a dry wedding because my husband and my friends would kill me...haha.

Thanks for all the support :)


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  1. Glad you're still blogging on the issue. You're doing so fantastic!!! Congrates Darlin!!!!